Thursday, June 4, 2015

Statement regarding proposal to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Below is Representative Melton's statement on the matter:

This is not only a matter for the people of Selma to decide together, but it's bigger than just us. This is more of a global decision considering positions from those of various ages as well as economical and social backgrounds. I understand the historical irony of the bridge being named after a former U.S. Senator, member of the Confederate, and Klan leader, but what was birthed on that bridge has become a world symbol of Democracy and the Voting Rights Movement, and that is a beautiful testimony. We have no choice but to embrace, not erase, our history and heritage as a city. While the bridge carries memories of division, it also holds promises of hope and freedom. Currently it symbolizes our opportunity to move into the future with a new perspective of inclusion. There is no reason to hastily change what has become the cradle of Democracy.

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  1. Thank you Darrio for your diligence on this. I'd like to add one thing. The person who stated that Pettus was a Klan member has been discredited by numerous reputable historians. This is what I've been told by local historians. There is no evidence that he was ever a member much less a leader. And the Klan was founded to bring order to a post war chaotic south. Unfortunately, it morphed into the evil entity it later became. Actually, the original all founders disbanded it when it took this turn but others kept it going in the dark direction it ultimately took. It's interesting history that's being overlooked by many. There should be some information coming out about this by a local objective historian pretty soon. Again, thank you for all you do for us. Please know how much it is appreciated.