Monday, May 12, 2014

Obama isn't running in an Alabama primary

The midterm elections are heating up and the primary elections are right around the corner. Here in Alabama, most voters pay little or no attention to the midterm elections. After all, there are no presidential debates or high-profile races to follow.

But here in Alabama, the midterm elections are probably more important than the years we elect a president. The midterms are our opportunity to choose our state government--the whole state government--for the next four years.

We will go to the polls to choose our governor and lieutenant governor. We will choose our secretary of state, who will handle our elections. But most importantly, we will choose our representatives to the state house and the state senate.

I've seen the ads across the state showing Republican hopefuls are running against President Obama. They say they will fight Obamacare and the "liberal special interests." 

I hate to break it to them, but Obama and the "liberal special interests" gave up on Alabama a long time ago.

These campaigns are using the President as a symbol of everything they think is wrong with America. But to me, the President stands for what is right about America. He stands for equal opportunity and the American Dream. He stands for a new generation that is removed from the oppressive ways of the past. He stands for the hope of a nation that works for all Americans, not just a privileged few.

So while these candidates are running against President Obama, ask them what they are running for.  Are they running to secure a brighter future for children across the state? Are they running to improve education for all children, not just the ones who can use tax dollars to go to private schools? Are they running for well-paying, safe jobs or are they selling us out to big business?

When we go to the polls on June 3, we will choose the nominees to face off in the election in November. We must choose wisely. We must be smarter than they think we are.

Look at the candidates and what they value. Vote for the person who will represent your family's best interests.

Decisions are made by those who show up. You can go to the polls and cast your ballot or you can stay home and allow someone else to speak for you.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary election is Friday, May 23. If you need to vote absentee, the deadline to request a ballot is May 29. Be sure to double check your registration status and polling location before Election Day. 

Choose the Alabama your family deserves. Vote on June 3.

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